“My personal credo in the management of my company is that we need staff members, who really participate in the whole work process, bring in their ideas and also have a determining influence in the day by day business.

Personal freedom and self-determination of our employees are the key factors for success and innovation – the rest is done by our modern machines.

The result is a win-win-win situation for the company, the employees, and the clients!”


The success story of our company started with the genius of Andrä Hilber in 1947.

Born in 1899 as a son of a shoemaker Andrä Hilber started his apprenticeship in 1913 in Salzburg at Roittner, a wholesale business for iron goods. At the age of 17 he had to fight in WW1 at the Austrian-Italian border.


From 1921 to 1923 Andrä Hilber worked as clerk at the iron works in Sulzau/Werfen. Then he returned to work at Roittner’s.

He started his own business in 1946.

In 1933 his son Ernst Hilber was born, who received the same professional training besides his obsession with gymnastics. He won several national championships in gymnastics!

In the late 1940ies father and son started their successful partnership:

1947: first patent application: Verbundschnapper

1957: second patent application: M57 Hilber Schnapper

1959: third patent application: Fensterfeststeller

1967: Ernst Hilber took over the company and married Renate, a girl from Salzburg.

Over the next years the company changed from a manufactory to a modern industrial producer of metal goods of all varieties in small and big numbers.

The company soon gained its famous reputation for producing the highest quality and its reliability.

1970: Daughter Michaela Hilber was born.

1981: The company moved to its newly built location in Salzburg-Viehhausen.

1992: Michaela Hilber entered the family business.

1994: Michaela Hilber took over the family business and founded Hilber Inc.

Many innovations and improvements guaranteed a huge success in the inland business as well as in the export. The company started to concentrate on the wholesale- and home improvement - market in Austria as well as internationally.


1994 – Today

We try to broaden our spectrum of products continuously.

Numerous more patent applications have been made, and now these products are already used all over Europe.


In 2009 Michaela Hilber was awarded the second prize as the entrepreneur of the year in Austria.

We also emphasize a good working atmosphere for all our employees.

Consequently we proudly received the Austrian State Award 2010 for being the most family- friendly company in the country!