Konstruktion und Werkzeugbau
Planung - Konzepterstellung - Design
aluflor- homedesignblumenSystem
Metallwaren - Eisenwaren - technische Entwicklung - Sonderfertigung - Werkzeugbau - Stanzerei
Möbelbeschläge - Baubeschläge - Gartenzubehör
Stanzprodukte – Frästeile – Laserteile – Drehteile – Kunststoffteile – Spritzgussteile

  • In small numbers or high quantity

  • Our team of highly motivated technicians supports the development of your product

  • Your product will be optimized for series production

  • Best quality and low costs

  • Short- term delivery

  • Our central location facilitates cooperation

  • Almost 70 years of experience in custom tailored products

  • Any type of beneficiations possible

  • Subsequent shipment of small numbers possible at short notice.

From the idea to the tool to the finished product. We are your specialist in small series up to large series. More, we offer top quality at a reasonable price. Our catalog products are available promptly.