Konstruktion und Werkzeugbau
Planung - Konzepterstellung - Design
aluflor- homedesignblumenSystem
Metallwaren - Eisenwaren - technische Entwicklung - Sonderfertigung - Werkzeugbau - Stanzerei
Möbelbeschläge - Baubeschläge - Gartenzubehör
Stanzprodukte – Frästeile – Laserteile – Drehteile – Kunststoffteile – Spritzgussteile


We are the professionals in all aspects of metal ware from the first idea to the finished product.

Since 1947 our family is continuously working in the business of metal fittings and metal ware production. Latest technology allows us to produce to the highest standards possible. Our regular line of products serves a diverse spectrum of possible needs and use such as for construction, furniture, tools, etc.. 

Besides our own huge line of different products we are also able to finish almost any sort of metal ware on request. Rely on our long experience if you have special wishes or new ideas! We support you from your very first idea to the final product, from prototype to serial production. We combine experience, creativity, and permanent improvement to create the best solutions for you!